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You will need to think about your discharge even before you come in to hospital, as there may be arrangements that you need to make. Your doctor can provide an estimate of how long you will need to recuperate and will discuss discharge plans with the nursing staff.

You will be advised of any items you may need to hire or purchase to use at home when you are discharged and you will need to arrange to have these available. 

Arrange for someone to take you home from hospital. We strongly recommend that you arrange for a relative, carer or friend to collect you following your procedure rather than a taxi firm. If you are eligible for hospital transport please contact the Hospital. 

When you are ready to leave, a staff member will assist you to front reception if required, to finalise your discharge. 

Before you leave the Hospital ensure you have:

  • Your medications and/or prescriptions
  • All personal items
  • A copy of your discharge information form