A Duo Achievement at Boston West Hospital 

We are overjoyed to congratulate two members of staff on successfully passing their healthcare courses. Studying and passing these qualifications has built the two staff member’s knowledge and confidence and helped them to better perform within their roles at Boston West Hospital. 

Lizzie Mason, now Sterile Service Deputy Manager, has recently passed The Institute of Decontamination Sciences (IDSc) course on the decontamination of medical devices. Lizzie started working as a Technician in Sterile Service at Boston West Hospital ten years ago. She later became a Health Care Assistant in Theatres to further her knowledge and to gain a deeper understanding of what she was doing in Sterile Services and the reason for this role. 

“I started the three-part decontamination of medical devices course in August 2018, which included a work book and two exams,” explained Lizzie. 

“Within the programme, we covered: basic microbiology, infection control, receipt, cleaning and disinfection of medical devices, inspection and packing, sterilisation, storage and distribution and, quality management in sterile services,” she continued. 

“Every month up to May 2019, course participants met and went through a section of the theory workbook on the the process of decontamination of medical devices. We completed each section by answering written and multiple-choice questions, and these scores contributed towards our final mark. In May 2019, when the work book was complete, we sat the exams.”

Lizzie has returned to Sterile Services where she is currently enjoying a secondment as the Sterile Service Deputy Manager. She has ambitions to become the Sterile Services Manager in the future.

Stefanie Maggs, Senior Theatre Health Care Assistant, has passed the North Hertfordshire College Level 3 Perioperative Diploma, Level 2 Maths and English qualification and Care Certificate. With a love for Theatres since she starting working at Boston West Hospital in 2002 and, with her four daughters now grown up, Stephanie commenced her Level 3 Perioperative Diploma apprenticeship, ready to give it her all. The two-year course required all participants to achieve Level 2 Maths and English qualifications alongside the diploma (unless relevant qualifications had previously been obtained) and the Care Certificate. An end point assessment (EPA) that involved a 90-minute observation, a reflective learning journal, a 60-minute written test and, an interview in the form of a professional discussion was part of the diploma. Stephanie was thrilled to receive an overall Merit for her End Point Assessment.

“Throughout the course I took part in fortnightly forums, where a member of North Hertfordshire College would deliver an interactive hour-long lesson,” described Stefanie.

“This was the point when I realised that I knew a lot more, than I actually gave myself credit for,” she reflected.

“Occasionally we met at one of the Ramsay sites for a full day collaborative session. Travelling to Ramsay’s Head Office at Tower 42 in London for the initial apprenticeship induction day took me outside my comfort zone. I continuously pushed myself throughout the course. It was at times difficult to balance a full-time job and my studies together with my home life, especially as I became a first time Grandmother, but the course gave me a confidence that I never had before. It has truly made me reflect and improve myself inside and out,” she continued.

“I now have the tools to approach and challenge other people’s behaviours if they can be improved and, to highlight areas that need more focus. I have taken on the roles of List Safety Officer and I lead the daily pre- and post-surgical huddles. I use the knowledge from researching national legislations, policies and recommended practices, to better the working environment and the patient experience.” 

This diploma has provided Stephanie with the qualification and experience to allow her to carry on learning and achieving. She hopes to soon start the additional short scrub unit so that she can perform the scrub role and scrub for most of the day case procedures. Stephanie is keen to continue learning and progressing with the aspiration to become a registered theatre practitioner in a scrub role or anaesthetics role.

Boston West Hospital is dedicated to supporting its staff to achieve their career goals. Ramsay believes in providing staff with the tools and knowledge to perform their roles efficiently and effectively and their staff benefit from a rewarding work life and the opportunities to reach their potential.

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