Boston West Hospital staff embrace Speak up for Safety Programme

Speaking Up for Safety is a Ramsay Health Care organisation programme helping to build and embed a culture of safety and quality between staff. Announcing their programme launch in July 2018, Ramsay Health Care UK said that the Speaking Up for Safety programme “reinforces the company’s commitment to providing outstanding healthcare and safeguarding patients’’.

The staff are attending a training scheme  which is being run in partnership with the Cognitive Institute, include graded assertiveness training for all staff and a feedback platform for staff to report both positive and negative experiences, all of which equip staff with the confidence to speak up for safety.

Boston West Hospital Director, Carl Cottam said “we are thrilled to be leading the way in the UK as the first hospital group to introduce the programme and are proud to have an excellent team supporting the initiative. We are committed to providing the highest levels of safety across the hospital’’.


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