Fitzwilliam Hospital & Boston West Hospital Snow Heroes
Wednesday 7 March 2018 

The Beast from the East - a nickname used to describe the arctic conditions that affected huge swathes of the UK last week - saw dedicated staff among those earning the title of 'snow heroes'

Staying with work colleagues 
As the weather worsened, some staff with long distances to travel stayed locally with their work colleagues.  

Some staff also ditched their day off and battled through freezing conditions and icy paths to walk to work because the roads were too dangerous.  They were not scheduled to work but they wanted to ensure patients and their colleagues were supported. They walked in from their homes to ensure there were sufficient people on duty, knowing that those who had to come from further away may not make it.

Going extra miles through the snow 
Outpatient nurses went the ‘extra mile’ in the snow.  Nurse Julie Gray enlisted her husband’s help. At 5.45 am they set off in their tractor to pick up her father’s farm truck. They set off, digging two people out of the snow on the way, to the local village to pick up team members for the 10 mile journey in the snow storm.

And it wasn’t just the staff who battled the snow, one of the Boston West patient’s arrived for her appointment in a tractor which caused a stir in the car park!

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