Shoulder clinic at Boston West
Thursday 14 June 2018

Shoulder clinic at Boston West


Mr Motkur offers patients at Boston West Hospital a shoulder clinic for diagnosis and treatments. This service allows patients to receive an accurate diagnosis and definitive treatment plan .

By clinically evaluating a patient, utilising ultrasound imaging and, making management plans, Mr Motkur offers independent diagnostic imaging appointments and, provides his patients with an accelerated definitive diagnosis and treatment pathway.

Mr Motkur has been offering patients a shoulder clinic for the last ten years. He is always keen, and looking for opportunities, to introduce and develop new processes and procedures into the local area with the goal of better outcomes and improving his patient’s lives more effectively.

As an orthopaedic specialist with a special interest in upper limb and shoulder surgery, Mr Motkur has seen rapid advances in keyhole shoulder surgery.

Most shoulder surgeries are now performed by keyhole surgery and this minimally invasive technique offers patients many benefits when compared to open surgery. These include: less pain during recovery so patients can concentrate on getting better, quicker healing to allow patients to return to the activities they love earlier and, less scarring and scar tissue so that patients benefit from better movement in their arm and shoulder.

Mr Motkur sees patients with many shoulder problems including: shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, shoulder instability, arthritis of the shoulder and shoulder replacement. He also sees patients for elbow conditions such as elbow arthritis, stiffness and replacement and, tennis and golfer elbow.

Mr Motkur is a highly experienced upper limb trauma and orthopaedic surgeon. He is also the Clinical Director at the NHS Pilgrim Hospital in Boston where he holds his NHS practice.

“I chose to specialise in the niche field of shoulder surgery when advances in treatment were developing quickly, offering patients less invasive techniques with faster recovery. Whether you’re an elite athlete or simply wish to return to gardening, walking comfortably or playing with your grandchildren, if you have shoulder pain it can significantly restrict your activities and impact on your everyday functions such as brushing your hair, opening doors and getting dressed. The rewards of being able to help give patients back their quality of life is immense.” Said Mr Motkur.

“I often see patients with shoulder impingement, as it is a common condition. It can cause pain in the top and outer side of a patient’s shoulder and may affect their sleep as well as daily functionality. We try conservative treatments initially such as pain killers, anti-inflammatory medicines and, physiotherapy, but this doesn’t work for everyone. Approximately 35% of my patients will require keyhole surgery.”

The shoulder clinic are available by appointment at Boston West Hospital, call our Hospital Service Advisor on 01733 842304

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