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Cataract Surgery

The lens of the eye focuses light onto the back of the eye where the image is then sent to the brain. The lens lies just behind the pupil and measures about one centimetre across. When we are young it is usually crystal clear but as we get older the lens becomes discoloured and hazy and when this starts to affect your vision we call the lens a cataract. This process can happen at any age although it is more common with advancing years.

Cataract surgery is an extremely successful procedure giving excellent results and for most patients, the stay in hospital is just a matter of hours. The operation is usually performed with some form of local anaesthetic, however, a General Anaesthetic can be used if preferred.

Yag Laser

 Posterior capsule opacification (PCO) is a fairly common complication of cataract surgery. Sometimes you can develop a thickening of the back (posterior) of the lens capsule which holds your artificial lens in place.

This thickening of the capsule causes your vision to become cloudy. If this happens you may need to have laser treatment to make vision clear again. Once you have had the laser treatment for PCO it doesn’t normally cause any long term problem with your sight.

There is a risk of developing posterior lens capsule opacification (PCO) following your cataract surgery. PCO is a complication that causes the back of the lens capsule (which holds your artificial lens in place) to thicken which causes cloudy vision. If this happens you may need to have laser treatment to make vision clear again.

Posterior lens capsule opacification is fairly common and once it has been treated does not normally cause any long term problems with your sight.

The procedure to treat posterior lens capsule opacification (PCO) is a painless process which is usually done in an outpatient clinic, and normally takes about 15 minutes.


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