Hand and wrist treatment at Boston West Hospital

Hand and wrist conditions are common and can seriously impact on your day to day activities. It’s important to reduce your pain and restore your hand and wrist’s functionality as early as possible.

Here at Boston West Hospital we offer rapid access to appointments with highly experienced hand and wrist specialists, excellent diagnostic facilities at our sister facility, Fitzwilliam Hospital, the latest treatments and first class care.

Bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments make up your hand and wrist and any of these can become injured or stressed leading to numerous conditions. We treat a wide range of hand and wrist conditions on a day-case basis using keyhole surgery whenever possible. Our surgeons utilise the facilities at Fitzwilliam Hospital if surgery requires an overnight stay.

Hand and wrist complaints we treat include: carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic wrist pain, wrist fractures, ganglion cysts, and ligament tears, Dupuytren’s contracture, ligament tears and thumb arthritis.

Carpal tunnel surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when your median nerve is constricted at your wrist. Your median nerve is located inside a narrow passageway called your carpal tunnel which is made of ligaments and bones and these may compress the nerve and cause pain, tingling and weak hand muscles.

Carpal tunnel surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and takes around twenty minutes. Your hand and wrist surgeon will divide your carpal ligament to relieve the pressure on your median nerve.

Wrist arthroscopy

Wrist arthroscopy is minimally invasive surgery performed under general anaesthetic. It places a thin telescope with a light source and camera on the end, called an arthroscope, through a small cut in your skin into the two main joints of your wrist.

It allows your hand and wrist surgeon see inside your wrist and check for damage to the joint surfaces, cartilage and ligaments holding your bones together. Treatment can be carried out at the same time if needed to correct the diagnosed problems.

Wrist arthroscopy can diagnose and treat: chronic wrist pain, wrist fractures, ganglion cysts, and ligament tears.

Thumb arthritis surgeries

Thumb arthritis happens when the cartilage on the ends of your thumb bone ends wears away. It can cause pain and inflammation of your thumb as well as reduced strength, joint immobility and problems with gripping and pinching.

Thumb arthritis surgery relieves your pain and improves the function of your hand. It’s normally recommended if other treatments haven’t been successful.

Thumb surgery can be performed in a number of ways:

• joint fusion - known as arthrodesis is the permanent joining of thumb joint bones.

• osteotomy – moving your thumb joint bones.

• trapeziectomy – removing your trapezium bone in your thumb joint.

• joint replacement – known as arthroplasty involves replacing all or part of your thumb joint.

Your orthopaedic surgeon will discuss the treatment options they recommend for your thumb arthritis.

Dupuytren's fasciectomy

Dupuytren's disease results in your palm tissue thickening. Sometimes this may lead to one or more of your fingers becoming contracted and bent and is called Dupuytren’s contracture.

Dupuytren's fasciectomy is a procedure performed to remove this thickened tissue in your palm and treat Dupuytren’s contracture. If you find it difficult to flatten your hand on a table top, or if the functionality of your hand is significantly reduced, then your surgeon may recommend this operation.

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