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The knee joint is the largest joint in your body. It consists of four bones, cartilage and a network of ligaments and muscles.

Your knee joint is vulnerable to damage as it takes the full weight of your body as well as extra force when you run or jump and so knee pain is common and it can be intense.

Orthopaedic knee problems can be due to: sprains and strains, menisci or cartilage damage, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, torn ligaments or tendons, bleeding into the joint or infection.

Boston West Hospital offers the very best in orthopaedic knee care. We will endeavour to provide an early and accurate diagnosis for your knee pain, followed by first class treatment if required.

Knee surgeries our experienced knee surgeons perform include: knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction and partial and total knee replacement surgery. Your knee surgeon will discuss in detail with you their recommended treatment for your knee pain.

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team will look after you from your first outpatient appointment through to treatment and aftercare.

You will have access to a highly qualified team of senior chartered physiotherapists and a well-equipped modern theatre at Boston West Hospital for day-case procedures.  You can utilise the facilities at the nearby Fitzwilliam Hospital including the latest imaging facilities, and a fully equipped ultra clean air theatre suite and comfortable patient accommodation if you require more complex surgery.

Find out more with our frequently asked knee questions

Knee arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy involves making a small incision in your knee skin and inserting a thin tube with a camera and light (arthroscope) inside your knee. Your knee surgeon will be able to see images of your knee joint on a monitor or eye piece and will use these to diagnose and often treat at the same time your knee pain.

Treatment may include:

  • Washing out any loose material caused by wear of the joint surfaces. These sometime get caught in your joint and are painful.
  • Trimming torn knee cartilage (meniscectomy)
  • Removing the plica tissue
  • Repairing torn cartilage (meniscus repair)
  • Repairing ligaments (ACL/PCL repair).

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction

Your ACL is a ligament that joins your shin bone to your thigh bone at your knee joint. It provides stability to your knee when you turn or move from side to side.

Your ACL can become injured or torn. This may happen when you slow down rapidly whilst turning or if you have an accident. ACL injuries most often occur in contact sports such as football, rugby and basketball and whilst skiing.

Your knee surgeon may recommend ACL reconstruction surgeyr if your ACL is badly damaged and is having a detrimental impact on your daily life.

ACL reconstruction is also called knee ligament reconstruction. Your surgeon will replace your torn ACL with a graft from another section of your knee or from a donor. Surgery aims to enhance knee stability and function.

Partial and total knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery may be recommended if you have osteoarthritis in your knee joint. This can cause severe pain in your knee joint even when it’s resting and impact on your mobility.

Knee replacement surgery is also called knee arthroplasty. It involves replacing a damaged, worn or diseased knee joint with a prosthetic one. Its aim is to offer pain relief and improve your ability to move around.

A knee replacement can be partial or total. A partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement (PKR) replaces only one side of your knee joint. A total knee replacement (TKR) involves substitutes both sides of your knee joint. Your knee surgeon will discuss with you the type of knee replacement best suited to your knee’s condition. 

Pre- Operative Joint School

All patients undergoing knee or hip replacement are encouraged to watch this short video before their operation. It summarises some key points from the joint replacement booklet you will receive at your pre-assessment appointment.

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